The Global Opportunity Youth Network is a multi-stakeholder initiative committed to creating place-based systems shifts for youth economic opportunity. Working with Anchor Partners situated in communities around the world, we work to create economic mobility for “Opportunity Youth” — young people aged 15-29 who are out of school, unemployed, or working in informal jobs.

Our approach focuses on multi-sector collaboration and participatory solution design with an emphasis on equity, systems-level change, and amplifying the voices of youth.

The Reality We Face

Challenge #1

“Peak Youth” Increasing Pressures

  • 1.8 billion strong global youth population
  • 90% live in developing economies – concentrated in South Asia & Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Climate change, conflict and increasing urbanization

Challenge #2

Globally, 600 million youth are not connected to education, training or formal jobs

  • 70 Million youth are unemployed
  • 3 out of 4 unemployed youth are female
  • ~70% of earning youth are in the informal sector

Challenge #3

Exacerbated by the Covid-19 global economic crisis

  • 1.6B informal jobs at risk
  • +430M businesses facing serious disruptions
  • Wholesale & retail, manufacturing, hospitality and tourism hardest hit – industries typically employing youth

“The Global Opportunity Youth Network believes in the power of young people to shape their own future. At its core, GOYN is inspired and informed by opportunity youth leaders who are at the heart of our global network. We partner with local and global youth allies to create equitable access to economic opportunity and address the deep-rooted structural barriers that prevent many young people from realizing their potential.”

– Jamie McAuliffe – Founding Director, GOYN

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