Learning Lab

GOYN knows that data and knowledge sharing is a driving force in creating effective youth employment programs and identifying appropriate, sustainable training and income earning pathways for opportunity youth. The GOYN Learning Lab includes research, reports and case studies generated by GOYN as well as methodological resources accessible to GOYN's global and local partners.

  • Webinar

    GOYN Equity Summit 2021: Youth Vision for Equity through Youth Innovations

    Closing vision of the first day of the GOYN Equity Summit 2021.

  • Video

    COVID-19 Emergency Response by Lighthouse Communities Foundation and the Youth Advisory Group (GOYN Pune)

    Learn about the coordinated COVID-19 Response across Pune during the pandemic and from the families directly supported.

  • Webinar

    GOYN Equity Summit 2021: A Narrative of OY and Communities through an Equity Lens

    A discussion on shifting perceptions of OY by telling their stories through an Equity lens.

  • Webinar

    GOYN Equity Summit 2021: Global Partners Promoting and Working Towards Equity

    GOYN Global Partners discuss the work how they are supporting equity within their own organizations.

  • Video

    Automotive Training & Re-Skilling for Youth and Women in South Africa

    A project to re-skill youth and women for the automotive sector in South Africa.

  • Webinar

    GOYN Equity Summit 2021: Follow the Young Leaders

    Young leaders share their experience leading innovative work to address the needs of OY.

  • Presentation Tool

    GOYN Ramgarh: Humara Sapna Toolkit

    Supporting women and couples with achieving their aspirations while building behavior for family resilience.

  • Webinar

    GOYN Equity Summit 2021: Creating Livelihood Opportunities Centered on Equity

    GOYN partners share their work on creating equity-focused livelihood pathways.

  • Webinar

    GOYN Equity Summit 2021: Aspen Forum for Community Solutions: 10 Years of Learning and Impact

    Reflections on 10 years of work at the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions.

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