GOYN São Paulo: Elevado à Potência (“Elevated to Power”)


A video introduction of GOYN São Paulo's "Elevated to Power" initiative.

July 28,2023 Share

This video introduces GOYN São Paulo’s initiative #EaP ‘Elevated to Power’, which brings together corporate leaders and opportunity youth (OY) to raise awareness on the numerous benefits of hiring young people. 

At the heart of driving productive inclusion lies the pivotal role of opportunity youth engagement. To truly achieve this goal, it is essential to involve them in co-creating solutions that not only resonate with their needs and expectations but also address their demands effectively. In the summer of 2023, GOYN São Paulo launched their productive inclusion initiative, by bringing together a group of young people from Instituto Ana Rosa, located in the southern part of São Paulo, for the #EaP – ‘Elevated to Power’ project, jointly undertaken by Juventudes PotentesUnited Way Brazil and ABRH-SP. The primary objective of this project is to raise awareness among corporate leaders about the significant benefits of hiring young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing them with opportunities to thrive in their roles and foster professional growth within their organizations.

The #EaP (Elevated to Power), designed in partnership with Accenture Brasil, fosters a hands-on experience in the very communities where the opportunity youth live, study, and work. Through this social immersion, a meaningful exchange of experiences transpires between these young individuals and accomplished executives, creating a platform for mutual development and learning about diverse realities. This powerful connection has the potential to transform perspectives and behaviors, leading to impactful actions and systemic shifts. The ultimate aim with the #EaP is to sensitize a distinctive group of executives who can generate and influence systemic impact within their organizations, setting off a domino effect that ripples through surrounding communities and contributes to the future socio-economic development of São Paulo.