GOYN São Paulo: Working with Employers to Build More Inclusive Workplaces for OY (February 2024)


Detailed case study of GOYN São Paulo's employer engagement strategy.

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GOYN started working in São Paulo in 2020 in partnership with United Way Brazil, a leading local non-profit focused on youth and early childhood development. There are an estimated 765,000 Opportunity Youth in São Paulo, making it one of the largest GOYN communities. Many of these young people are concentrated in the “territories,” peripheral areas east and south of the city that are underserved by public services and have low levels of formal economic activity.

Working closely with GOYN Global Partner Accenture, GOYN São Paulo (which has been operating under the local brand Juventudes Potentes since January 2023) mapped the entire youth employment ecosystem in the city and conducted in-depth research to identify the systemic issues preventing young people from accessing opportunities. This research highlighted the lack of connections between employers and Opportunity Youth in the territories as a structural barrier in the ecosystem. This case study details the strategy designed and implemented by GOYN São Paulo to help overcome this barrier.   

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