GOYN São Paulo: The Future of Work for Brazilian Youth (Portuguese)


Report on trends in the world of work and their implications for Brazilian youth (Portuguese).

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Developed by Instituto Cíclica, in partnership with Instituto Veredas, and with the support of Itaú Educação e Trabalho, Fundação Arymax, Fundação Roberto Marinho, Fundação Telefônica Vivo, and GOYN São Paulo, this report presents the key findings of a research project conducted between August and December 2022. The research identifies current trends in the world of work and their implications for Brazilian youth, and highlights opportunities for the productive inclusion of young people in the economy. It includes recommendations for strategic stakeholders, with a focus on professional and technological training. (In Portuguese, key findings in English below.)


The research identified six trends in the world of work, fundamental to understanding challenges and opportunities for the productive inclusion of young people in the economy:

  • Changes in globalization patterns
  • Demographic changes
  • Digitization of the economy
  • Flexibilization of labor relations
  • Climate change
  • Changes in consumption patterns

The research mapped and identified five emerging sectors which offer opportunities for the productive inclusion of young people:

  • Green economy: inclusive, contributes to the well-being of societies and builds social equity, reduces risks and environmental scarcity
  • Creative economy (or orange economy): encompasses artistic and cultural activities
  • Care economy: comprises two types of overlapping activities, direct care activities (personal and relational) and indirect care activities
  • Silver economy: related to economic activities whose consumer public is people aged 50 or over
  • Digital economy: integrates digital resources incorporated into different value chains, which are transversal to all other economies

The future of work will demand specific skills, as can be seen in depth in the research:

  • Socio-emotional skills
  • Technological skills
  • Specialized motor skills
  • Administration skills
  • Environmental skills
  • Sales skills
  • Creative skills
  • Care skills

The research highlights major challenges in enabling OY to access opportunities in the future world of work: inequalities in youth schooling, relationship between vocational training programs and productive development, professional training in the life project of youths, and governance of vocational training programs.

The research maps four actions that can serve as a starting point to address these challenges:

  • Expand and democratize vocational training for young people
  • Align vocational training with the productive development strategy and the demand for qualified professionals
  • Provide career guidance and career monitoring for youths
  • Set up a governance system that is up to the challenge of future-oriented professions

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