Mavi Wilches

Global Development Incubator - São Paulo, Brazil GOYN Youth Engagement Associate - LatAm Region

With an academic background in public management, policymaking, and evidence-informed research, Mavi Wilches is drawn to initiatives that work towards sustainable and inclusive local development. She holds an undergraduate degree in public administration, and she is especially passionate about the role of civil society in tackling gender inequality, social marginalization, and the lack of community empowerment in developing countries.

Mavi’s expertise ranges from project management to fundamental and applied research, including project monitoring and evaluation methodologies, as well as data collection and inference. As a product of a multicultural upbringing, she brings forth a series of soft skills that facilitate effective communication and efficient teamwork.

As the GOYN Youth Engagement Associate for Latin America, Mavi applies her experience with tools like Asana, Power BI, and Miro to collaborate with unemployed or underemployed young people, equipping them with competitive skills for economic mobility. Mavi is dedicated to contributing to GOYN’s mission by being an integral part of the transformational process that positively impacts youth potential. She believes that every effort, no matter how small, is an investment in the future. 

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