GOYN Learning Lab Latest Reports

At the global level, GOYN is a vibrant and active learning network. Through monthly meetings and regular youth-led convenings as well as by forming communities of practice related to common themes, GOYN aims to develop a knowledge and evidence base that will inform and inspire others who are interested in advancing place-based, collaborative, scaled, and systemic approaches to accelerate youth opportunity. This first learning report has been prepared to share GOYN’s mission and work but is also an invitation for all to join this network of committed champions of youth opportunity across the globe. 

The Learning Brief details the GOYN approach to building Collaborative Infrastructure and includes lessons learned from its implementation in GOYN communities around the world.

GOYN’s ‘The Future is Young’ Learning Series seeks to identify and present scalable solutions for youth economic opportunity that can inspire others to act. This first installment makes the case for investing in young people and presents the cornerstone of GOYN’s approach: the creation of Collaborative Infrastructure for scaled impact and systemic change.

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