GOYN Ramgarh/Barwani: Connecting Rural Youth to Opportunities: The Critical Role of Youth Hubs (March 2024)


Detailed case study of GOYN's youth hubs approach in rural India.

March 21,2024 Download Share

GOYN started working in rural India in 2020 in partnership with the Transform Rural India Foundation (TRI), a leading local non-profit with deep experience creating sustainable models of empowerment
and economic development for rural communities. TRI first launched GOYN in the Ramgarh district (Jharkhand) in 2020, before replicating the approach in the Barwani district (Madhya Pradesh) in 2021. Together, the two districts represent a population of over 550,000 Opportunity Youth.

In both Ramgarh and Barwani, TRI established phygital (digitally-enabled physical spaces) Youth Hubs to support the implementation of the GOYN approach, working in close partnership with local government stakeholders. This case study details the critical role that these Youth Hubs play in connecting rural Indian youth to services and opportunities in their communities.

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