Youth Resources


Atena Rodríguez

Mexico City, Mexico

Atena Rodríguez is a 23 year-old young woman who is currently studying a Marketing and Sales degree. She’s passionate about Digital Marketing and UX/UI Design, thus she has served as a mentor on entrepreneurship and marketing fields, her purpose is to help new entrepreneurs who market handmade products to develop their personal brand in order to foster their businesses. As a consequence, she has created a collaborative network with entrepreneurs from Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela, her goal is to reach all Latin American countries.

She is interested in social projects as well, since she understands what it is like to be involved in problematic circumstances such as lack of employment or study opportunities and struggling with issues such as self-confidence and rejection. She is aware that through all these processes support is key, because everyone needs guidance and orientation to boost strengths and abilities. That is why she is an advocate for developing initiatives that help young people, above all, prioritizing collaboration among them for new project’s generation and, as a result, creating a positive impact on their environment.

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