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Danna Riveros

Bogotá, Colombia

Danna Riveros is 24 years old and the Co-founder of Muney. In 2019, she obtained a degree in psychology. Since then, she has not been able to find a formal job, as opportunities in the field of clinical psychology are quite limited. She has faced gender-based discrimination, as opportunities to work with patients with developmental disorders are mostly offered to men. The difficulty of access to employment has interfered wither the ability to continue with the advanced studies required for professional work. She is currently working informally in the postulation of projects and the articulation of processes in favor of mental health.

During the pandemic, the risk experienced by women in their homes became more acute, as they frequently find themselves in situations of violence and violation of rights. With support from the GOYN Youth Innovations Fund, Danna and her colleagues Angela Maria Morena, and Daniel Franco will promote and provide psychosocial supports involving individual, social, and community care to prevent situations of violence and promote positive and healthy mental health practices.

To achieve this objective, the team will provide psychosocial interventions through experiential workshops that train women in the recognition of violence and promote a network of trained caregivers who have tools for self-care, co-care and care for those who may be living in hostile contexts.

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