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Eduardo Ramírez

Mexico City, Mexico

Eduardo Shlomi Huerta Ramirez is a 24 year-old photographer and entrepreneur of clothing and shoes in Mexico City. He has always been passionate about business and finance because his parents have always been merchants, and also, as a result of his studies about investment and personal finances at High School.

He has an incredible mother who always taught him what he needed to know for life and whom he has taken care of, alongside with his 2 younger siblings, since his father’s death. He is the father of a 4 year-old beautiful girl, although he feels like he has been a father for a while, because he has taken the role of a father for his siblings as well. Shlomi gets his motivation from his daughter and his daughter’s mother, who he feels contributes to build a team-work for her growth. Nowadays, he continues training and looking for opportunities to build or develop solutions to any given problems, so he can help others in the best possible way whilst taking advantage of his uniqueness.

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