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Luisa Rueda

Mexico City, Mexico

Luisa Fernanda Ortiz Rueda is a Colombian woman who settled in Mexico two years ago with the purpose of finding better job opportunities. She is a Social Worker, specialized in associated management and a lover of rural and community work. Furthermore, she is an entrepreneur, her brand “Kalu Decoración” manufactures accessories and decorative home and work pieces, this project was the result of the difficulties that she faced looking for a permanent job. However, she is grateful for the opportunities given by her host country, Mexico, for self-employment.

Nowadays, she is an active participant of two groups led and created by women. Firstly, Migrant Ties, a group that works towards the interests and needs of migrant people in Mexico, by planning projects and activities to develop a safe space to take care of this community, and secondly, Colombian Folkloric Ballet: Candela Viva, where through dance, a group of women share the richness of Colombian culture. Thanks to her knowledge, skills, personal and professional experience, Luisa tries to contribute to the development and strengthening of spaces for community empowerment that provide growth opportunities for everyone.

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