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Najma Parween

Ramgarh, India

Najma Parween is from Maganpur village of Ramgarh district, Jharkhand-India. She is 18 years old pursuing her under graduation degree from Ramgarh Government college. There are 6 members in her family. Najma is an innovative thinker and always tries to help her community and people around her with their problems. Many families of her village are involved in sewing/ tailoring activities. Traders from nearby cities procure the local products and sell in big cities. Around 250 families from her village are involved in sewing activities. Lately, Najma noticed, power blackout in her village was affecting the household income as the average power cut every day is 6-7 hours. Due to this problem, few families had adopted solar operated sewing machines which significantly improved the efficiency. With the support of YIF, Najma has taken up the initiative of popularizing the usage of green energy, support in training of 400 girls for tailoring and the usage of sewing machines and support the artisans in local marketing and developing a brand. She is happy to be a part of GOYN!

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