Youth Resources


Rashid Omar Kiponda

Mombasa, Kenya

Changemaker Rashid Omar Kiponda is the founder of the Ololoo youth hub initiative which aims to promote  peaceful co-existence amongst the youth in their likoni community. The hub specializes in creating a safe space for rehabilitation for  youths who are reconnecting with their community from drug abuse, crimes and gang violence.

To attract the youth, the hub is running a gym which offers an opportunity for physical training. The team then leverages on these exercises to provide capacity building training to the youth on alternative behaviours and link them with opportunities including counselling for those who need such services. They support the youths to create support groups to enable them have accountability amongst themselves in their behaviour change journeys and to enable them identify alternative livelihood opportunities.

The team has received a funding of $900 USD to enable them support 115 youths who are currently enrolled in their facility with capacity building training on various topics including  entrepreneurship, financial literacy and lifeskills. We are proud to be associated with this team and looking forward to an impactful 3 months of implementation ahead!

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