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Suraj Kumar Singh

Ramgarh, India

Suraj Kumar Singh is from Saragdih village of Ramgarh district, Jharkhand-India. He is runs Swarna-Rekha Krishak producers’ company Limited (farmers collectives). 150 farmers are associated with the producers’ group and through the efforts of the Swarna-Rekha producers’ company, the farmers are able to get competitive price for their paddy produce. The producers’ group is also involved in improving the capacity of the farmers, mainly on regenerative farming practices. Through YIF, Suraj and his team mates have been able to promote organic farming in their communities. The farmers are made aware about integrated farming systems which aims to enhance the soil fertility and improving the biodiversity and less or no usage of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, etc. Under YIF, Suraj and his team are giving trainings on the preparation of organic concoctions which is 100 percent organic and aims to reach 300 farmers through this effort.

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