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Tania Domínguez

Mexico City, Mexico

Tania Belen Gayosso Domínguez is a 25 year-old young woman who believes in the possibility to build, re-build and deconstruct the reality that we live in to create emerging worlds, as needed, through empathy. She has a bachelor degree in Intercultural Literature and was able to collaborate in research projects and cultural events related to oral arts and Hip Hop. Once she graduated from College, she noticed the insufficient job offers for her study area and also the precarious conditions of those few available options, all this while struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation led her to redirect her professional career towards the field of technology, by earning a spot at a GOYN’s partner programming bootcamp she was able to access better job offers and salaries.

Tania is the first person in her family to have access to higher education, university studies specifically. She attributes this opportunity to the support of different programs and scholarships from the government and civil society organizations. She acknowledges that this was only possible thanks to the sacrifices and efforts of several generations that preceded her. That is why, nowadays she is committed to getting involved in initiatives that foster and improve opportunities for the comprehensive development of young people.

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