GOYN Learning Report (2021)

This report lays out some of the early accomplishments and learnings of GOYN. At the global level, GOYN is a vibrant and active learning network. Through monthly meetings and regular youth-led convenings as well as by forming communities of practice related to common themes, GOYN aims to develop a… Read More

GOYN Learning Brief: Collaborative Infrastructure

GOYN’s ‘The Future is Young’ Learning Series seeks to identify and present scalable solutions for youth economic opportunity that can inspire others to act. This first installment makes the case for investing in young people and presents the cornerstone of GOYN’s approach: the creation of Collaborative Infrastructure for scaled impact… Read More

Unlocking the Creative Economy for Youth Employment

Youth employment is undoubtedly one of the most discussed and important issues for governments, educators, private sector, and development actors around the world. All too often however, the jobs that are available and recommended for young people are not leveraging their talents nor their aspirations and interests. The key drivers… Read More

Global Opportunity Youth in the Travel & Tourism Sector

Young people around the world are facing joint and daunting crises of global unemployment and the COVID-19 pandemic. As of 2018, over 350 million young people aged 15-29 were “Opportunity Youth” (OY) – out of work, out of school or training, or in unstable and sometimes unsafe informal work.The… Read More

GOYN eThekwini: Market Intelligence Report

The unemployment rate in South Africa is the highest in the world. At 29% unemployment; the country is almost six times higher than the global unemployment average. Youth contribute disproportionately to the high unemployment count; 57% of South Africa’s unemployed are aged between 16 and 24. In eThekwini… Read More

Mombasa County Youth Covid-19 Survey

Mombasa county has witnessed an alarming increase in youth unemployment and economic vulnerability since the onset of COVID-19. Even before the pandemic, Mombasa had experiencedyouth unemployment rates at close to 44%. A steep slow-down in economic activity produced by stringent lockdown measures and restricted access to education and training, mean… Read More

COVID-19 Learning Brief 

The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has not only impacted health, lives, and economies, but also the labour market and the education sector. Governments, policymakers, private sector groups, trade unions, and other stakeholders are attempting to respond to rapidly changing circumstances.Collation of information for this brief is a collaboration between GDI,… Read More

Creating jobs and sustainable livelihoods in a changing world

The jobs and livelihoods sector has transformed significantly over the past decade, and is expected to see even greater shifts in the coming years. Population shifts given the youth bulge, climate, conflict and urbanization are driving challenges overall, while the changing nature of work in the form of automation and… Read More

A Global Opportunity: Get Youth Working

Inspired by the challenge to address the global crisis of youth opportunity, in 2017 the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions undertook a landscape research effort—supported by Prudential Financial— to identify the most promising approaches to support global opportunity youth in their search for meaningful work. This report highlights themes… Read More

GOYN eThekwini: Healthcare Landscape Assessment

South Africa’s health system is plagued by numerous systemic challenges, inhibiting its ability to support the country’s demand for health-related services. As with other facets of South African society in 2020, access to and allocation of healthcare resources is quite unequal. The disparities in the distribution of human resources in… Read More

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